Europe calling

Hi Friends,

It’s been a long time between blogs.

In brief, I last wrote when I had been reclassified at the World Championships in Canada last year. At the time I was not overly excited about the prospect of riding a kneeling hand cycle in the H4 class, but now, having adjusted really well, I would not go back. On this bike I can get more power, greater acceleration, can ride strongly for 3 hours at pace.

Racing this year has included the Nationals and Oceanas on the Sunshine Coast (the rainy coast!), and a UCI World Cup event in Sydney as a member of the Australian team. This particularly was an amazing experience as it was the first time I was racing against a big, experienced and very competent field. The tactics, pace and excitment of the race were awesome and I can’t wait to do it all again!

On Sunday I have the awesome opportunity to travel to Europe on a three week training camp with 6 races to compete in, two in Italy (28th/29th May, Piacenza) , two in Switzerland (3rd/4th June, Oensingen) and two in Spain (10th/11th/12th – UCI World Cup, Segovia) .

I will keep you posted.



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Handcycle For Sale

2010 David McNaught – Infinite Rehab Solutions – Racing Handcycle
Racing Handcycle

Racing Handcycle

This bike is awesome and a reluctant sale. Owner re-classified H4.
Price: $6500.00
Bike Located in Melbourne, Australia; can ship anywhere
The bike is available for test ride, and will suit H1, H2, H3 class riders
Any questions please call or email, Stuart 0417 586759 or
The bike was built in June 2010 for the 2010 Para-Cycling World Championships, Baie Comeau, Canada.
The bike is new, used for 1000km and includes,
Fully adjustable, Ergo Seat
Velocity Deep V 650 Rims. – Never used before –
These rims are the jack of all trades & Velicity’s most popular rim. The deep section creates strength, aerodynamics and durability. Use it for racing, commuting, touring or anything else you can think of. If you want one rim that can do it all, this is the one.
Velocity Deep V 650 Rims

These rims are the jack of all trades & Velicity's most popular rim

Continental Ultra Gator Duraskin Tyers – Never used before –
Top Features of the Continental Ultra Gator Duraskin Folding Road Tyre
Super fine 170 tpi casing plus a bead-to-bead layer of DuraSkin, and a Kevlar-reinforced layer directly under the tread
Lightweight at 230g
Durable carbon black tread
The ultimate in puncture protection from Duraskin and Continental
Folding tyre for extra convenience
120 max psi
Racing Draft Bar
Bike Bag – Travel Bag
Bike Bag - Travel Bag

Bike Bag - Travel Bag

SRAM X.0 Rear Derailleur
New CNC’d 100% Carbon Outer Cage
New 6061 Forged Aluminium Inner Cage
Titanium Main Spring
Outside Facing Limit Screws – Intuitive Adjustment
Sealed Bearings
Di.R.T: Direct Route Technology™
1:1 Actuation Ratio™ Superior Shift Quality
Weight: Short 192g / Medium 197g / Long 203g
From Extreme Freeriding to the rigors of World Cup XC, the X.0 system performs with distinction. Our superior 1:1 actuation ratio paired with a NEW super-tough carbon and aluminium cage design results in durability and performance.
SRAM X.0 Rear Derailleur

SRAM X.0 Rear Derailleur

New cables
Gearing front cassette 11-32 (9 speed) – Chainrings 30-39-52
Chainrings 30-39-52

Chainrings 30-39-52

SRAM X.0 Trigger Shifter Set 9 Speed
Zero Loss Travel™
2-step Front Shifting – uses cable to cradle to equalize overall effort
Carbon and Brushed CNC’d Aluminium Chassis
Superior 1:1 Actuation Ratio™
Adjustable Lever and Clamp Positions
Avid Matchmaker™ Compatible
Compatibility: SRAM 1:1® rear derailleurs, SRAM or Shimano® front derailleurs
Speeds: 9
Weight: 225g
From Extreme Freeriding to the rigors of World Cup XC, the X.0 system performs with distinction. Our superior 1:1 actuation ratio paired with a NEW super-tough carbon and aluminium cage design results in durability and performance.
The most advanced trigger shifter ever developed! The 1st Zero Loss trigger shifter to offer an adjustable pull lever and clamp position.
SRAM X.0 Trigger Shifter Set 9 Speed

SRAM X.0 Trigger Shifter Set 9 Speed

Avid Elixir CR Carbon Disc Brakes (Black)
Finish: Body and caliper – black, Lever – Carbon fibre
Tapered Bore Lever with Integrated Reservoir
Tools free contact adjust and reach adjust
Two-piece caliper with adjustable banjo
Carbon lever blade
Top loading pads
MatchMaker compatible
DOT 5.1 standard
G3 clean sweep rotor design
203mm Disk Rotor
Weight: 369g
Avid Elixir hydraulic disc brakes are a perfect mix of power, control. Each set features carbon fiber levers and stainless-steel bolts.
Elixir CR provides more control, more power, more comfort, resulting in exceptional ride quality and ultimately, speed. Elixir CR answers the braking performance needs of every mountain bike rider; Cross Country, Trail, All Mountain, Freeride and Downhill.
The Elixir CR features a totally new, in line Pad Contact adjustment. This tool free adjustment allows riders to adjust the point in the levers throw where the pads contact the rotor. Thus the name. It does two simple but important things. First, it enables you to perfectly match your hand’s comfort with the brakes power.
It also allows you to balance both levers so the pads engage the rotors in the same spot. No more uneven brake levers.

Avid Elixir CR Carbon Disc Brake, Carbon lever blade

Avid Elixir CR Carbon Disc Brake, Carbon lever blade

Avid Elixir CR Carbon Disc Brakes (Black)

Avid Elixir CR Carbon Disc Brakes (Black)

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Joe Coffee Espresso Bar, Payson Utah

Its the Labor Day weekend here in the USA, and people are on the move, some going to the country, some to the city. Gillie and I have also been on the move, riding, touring and on Monday taking the big bird across the pond.

It has been a wonderful time in Utah, catching up with old mates, doing some insane rides, touring the desert & mountains. The weather has been perfect. Nights out sleeping under the stars, waking to spectacular desert views.

On the road

Stu & Gill @ Dead Horse Point, Utah

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I have been in transit for the last two and a half days!. Just ventured out for our first ride in Utah and it was just what the doctor ordered. My mate Steve lives in a town called Salem which is about one and a half hours from Salt Lake City and nestled at the foot of magnificent desert mountain ranges. Gillie and I took a cruisy around West Mountain, super quiet country roads and awesome views of mountains and Lake Utah. Befriended by a local dog on route who wouldn’t leave me alone and chased us for at least 2 kms at pace! I finally outrode him!

We said good bye to BaieComeau on Monday at 6.30am as the Australian Paracycling team filed out in buses for the 10 hour journey back to Montreal. General team feel was that it had been an invaluable experience and we can now benchmark ourselves for future training and racing.

For me the second highlight of Baie Comeau (after racing the time trail), was meeting Lyne Beiulieu Savard and her family. Lyne was a random pick up at the local (only) espresso coffee shop. Allow me to explain!?

It is very hard to get good espresso coffee in Canada, and even more difficult in a country town 10 hours north of Montreal! By chance a few doors away from the hotel was a coffee shop and even with internet access. Rolled in one morning and commenced an attempt to order a strong long black from the non English speaking barista (owner). Much to my surprise the only other customer in the shop came to my rescue as she could speak English and translated for me! With a great coffee in front of me – I thought I had better make the most of meeting an English speaking local to get some local knowledge.

1/ local knowledge on camping ground that was within an easy distance from town (Gillie was arriving in a couple of days and needed accommodation but all hotels were booked out)

2/ local knowledge about bike hire – so that Gillie could get around whilst she was here.

And to my amazement – wonderful Lyne offered both – and the friendship was formed! Over the next few days Gillie and I spent as much time as we could with Lyne, Langis and their family. They have lived in Baie Comeau for over twenty years and could not have been a better find. For them, it was an opportunity to practice their English – for us a chance to meet a local family and ‘practice’ my four words of French. Great fun and we thank them so much for their brilliant hospitality.

3rd highlight of Baie Comeau was trialling a kneeling handbike supplied by Chris Peterson from Top End (Invacare). Chris turned up at the hotel just after our last training/recovery ride. He knew we wanted to meet up and his timing was perfect. Almost to my relief, getting into (thanks to a removable seat) and kneeling in the bike was easier and more comfortable than I had anticipated. There will still be a lengthy adaptation process, but the first attempt was highly promising, felt Ok and I can really see the potential!

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Update Baie-Comeau

Monday afternoon and Australia was the first country to go through the classification proccess which enables athletes to be grouped into competition classes. I was quite anxious going into classification, given that a) I had never been through the process before and b) that I was aware I could be either a H3 or H4. The functional profile between the two classes is similar, the biggest difference is the bikes. An H3 rides a recumbent bike, an H4 rides a kneeling bike. Since I began handcycling 6 years ago I have used a recumbent bike.  I have tried a kneeling bike on two occasions and found them awkward, preferring the layback recumbent style for ease of access and use.

The classification process at the international level involves three classifiers; a doctor, technical and functional assessor, and each has a protocol to follow that results in a classification.  In my case, I was classed as a H4, which means I will be unable to compete in these World Championships. Fundamentally because I do not have a kneeling bike that I could ride in.

This decision was one that I, the team management and coaching staff were aware could happen, and I have been extremely appreciative of the support they have all given me. They have recognised what a blow it is for me not to be an H3 and therefore unable to race.

Following some careful negotiations with the event organisers, my team managers were able to secure a start for me in the Time Trial that would be unrecorded but effectively would allow me to race the course. It is spectacular!

Fast forward:

It is now Thursday afternoon and the Time Trial has been and gone. And it was awesome! I don’t know the final times and placings but I know that I gave it absolutely everything and there was nothing left in the tank as I came across the finish line. Here are some basic stats that I down loaded from my polar watch (nb they are not official!): 22.3km course which included several hills, one of 1km long. Completed the course in 43mins 59sec, with maximum heart rate of 187, average heart rate 178, maximum speed of 72.5km/h, and average speed of 30.4km/h.

It was a great experience and I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to be part of it and learnt so much about what is involved in being part of an international event.

I now have quite a daunting task ahead to make the transition from a seated to kneeling bike. However given today’s experience I am so motivated to make every endeavour to achieve that transition.

Thanks for all the support and emails!

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Bonjour from Baie-Comeau

The team arrived in Baie-Comeau on Wednesday after a big 11hr transit/drive from Bromont. The drive up included some spectacular countryside, one ferry ride, several quick stops, one longer stop, and a team thankful to have arrived after travelling for so long. It really was a drive and a half.

Thursday was the first full day here and after an easy training ride in the morning we drove the course. I am not sure if that was a good thing to do.  The hills were steep from the comfort of the van, and that was before we arrived at the main climb in the course, a 100m vertical lift over 1km. That night I went to be dreaming of hard hills.

The next day we got out on course on the bikes and it didn’t seem anywhere near as bad as it did from the van. Sure some of the hills are short sharp pinches 10% or so, and yes the big long 1km hill is big and long and hard but, you get into the rhythm and keep going.

The weather thus far has been perfect, mid 20s and blue skies, with little to no wind. Lets hope that it stays that way for race day. The next few days of training will be short sessions in final prep for Thursday 19th which is the Individual Time Trial (2 laps ) and Saturday 21st the Road Race (4 laps)

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Bonjour from Bromont, Québec

Bonjour from Bromont, Québec,  we have finally arrived after an epic journey from Sydney.  All the flights went well, the ticketing, loading of luggage, bikes, all were handled with ease by the Australia Para-cycling team. The flight is long, the time of day at your arrival is before the time you left your starting point, yet 15 hrs have passed. You wait a little few hours in Vancouver, then do another 5 hrs to Montreal, then a couple more to Bromont where you can finally get flat/horizontal.

Bromont is 85km from Montreal and know for its outdoor activities, skiing in winter and bike riding in summer. The Hotel Le St-Martin will be our place of residence for the next 10 days. its a lovely place to be staying. The whole French language thing is a little confusing but most people speak a little English and with a bit sign gesturing thrown in, understanding each other can be fun. It’s pretty cool how a smile can assist in the communication process. Training so far has all been about acclimatisation, getting over jet lag and beginning the structured sessions in the build up to the World Championships. The countryside around Bromont has some areas of undulating rolling hills others areas are flattish to slight hills, all with lots of green countryside. The weather is a warm mid 20’s slightly muggy with periodic rain, well that is what it’s been like for the three days we have been here. The team are all well and looking forward preparing for the World Championships.

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