The Italian Job

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Roma. We arrived on Tuesday after a 8hr drive from the ETC and yes Italian drivers are just as they are portrayed in the movies, yet it all works! I haven’t see one road rage incident, even though I have seen people cut off, three cars where there should be one, cars sneaking up the inside. Who needs traffic lights, speed cameras and such? Italians approach an intersection like they are going to make it – then stop – and then, only if thier life is in danger.

The weather has been mostly fine, sunny as high as thirty. We are staying at Mondo Migliore Christian conference center in the hills above Roma directly across a crater lake from the Pope’s summer residence. Like the Pope’s pad our place is full of religious icons – ie the cross above the bed. Its a spartain affair no TV lots of marble and if I wasnt mistaken you could think you were in a hospital. Meal times are set as is the menu, healthy serves of pasta!. The last few days we have been sharing the complex with a conference group of service providers servicing the hearing impaired community in Europe . Not a lot of chatter around the dinner table but much animated gesturing.

Roma Accomm view

I have gradually been getting over the flu/respiratory condition I picked up on arrival., yet still not 100%. Last Thursday I went to the doctors in Varese and have been on antibiotics for the week. Last Saturdays (19th May) Road Race in Piacenza was a trial and in the end maybe shouldnt have gone out – low watts and high heart rate was a bad mix, those guys pushed me. I called a no show on the TT and rested up. Fellow handcycle rider Nigel Barley in the H3 had a great result placing 3rd overall.

From then to now its been slow easy km’s so I am in some form for Roma Paracycling World Cup, the 14km TT today (which has changed location from the previous posted course. Friday 25th May) and then the RR in the city tomorrow. I think I will ask the big fella above the bed for some help. Results will be posted here.
Hope all is well.
Stuart Tripp

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1 Response to The Italian Job

  1. Kylie Turner says:

    The scenery looks amazing, that can only assist. Thanks for the blogs it’s so great being able to stay up to date with your adventures. We’re all rooting for you both. Kylie

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