Dear friends,

It has been an inspiring week. After recovering from the racing in Piacenza last week it was off to Switzerland on Thursday for racing on Friday and Saturday. The drive through the mountains was spectacular, beautiful huge alps towering towards the sky. Picture postcard stuff. We arrived at the Arcadia Hotel, Oensingen around lunch. The hotel was very old, very quaint, very Swiss! A huge clock took pride of place in the foyer.

I had a lot of fun racing and being in Switzerland.

The Time Trial was 17km away in Recherswil a smaller town & more
rural. The TT course was through the countryside and although not
long, only 10km, it was slightly technical with a rise early on and
many corners. In this I placed 8th, which given the company I was
with, I was happy with the result. The good thing was the time spread from 1-8 was 37sec. At the Sydney event in May my time back was 90sec.

The Road Race was back in Oensingen on a flattish course with limited attacking areas. It was a long 70km. I kept with the main group, finishing 8th again, 11sec back. This was the second time I had raced with a large group (16), the first time (Sydney, May) I was a bit timid, sitting back missing the break. This time I made sure i was close to the front. Many times I was way out front. Some riders tend to sit, some attack and you get this surge – slow effect happening. I just kept a steady pace going. They would slow after a surge and I would just keep going. Then they would surge to catch me. All good fun.

Now back in Italy at the AIS European Training Center, Gavirate – Varese. This afternoon on to Madrid, then Segovia tomorrow for a World Cup event on the weekend.

It’s a bit hectic with training/travel to respond to all your emails just letting you know that I really appreciate your support!




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2 Responses to Switzerland

  1. crofty25 says:


  2. Hi Stu,
    It’s Tracey-Lea
    OMG fancy stumbling over you on a blog…..
    Your cycling and travel at the moment sounds totally amazing…..
    When you get back to Melbourne….do you still live in Melbourne??????????
    Give me a call as I would finally love to cook you and Gillian dinner x

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