Europe calling

Hi Friends,

It’s been a long time between blogs.

In brief, I last wrote when I had been reclassified at the World Championships in Canada last year. At the time I was not overly excited about the prospect of riding a kneeling hand cycle in the H4 class, but now, having adjusted really well, I would not go back. On this bike I can get more power, greater acceleration, can ride strongly for 3 hours at pace.

Racing this year has included the Nationals and Oceanas on the Sunshine Coast (the rainy coast!), and a UCI World Cup event in Sydney as a member of the Australian team. This particularly was an amazing experience as it was the first time I was racing against a big, experienced and very competent field. The tactics, pace and excitment of the race were awesome and I can’t wait to do it all again!

On Sunday I have the awesome opportunity to travel to Europe on a three week training camp with 6 races to compete in, two in Italy (28th/29th May, Piacenza) , two in Switzerland (3rd/4th June, Oensingen) and two in Spain (10th/11th/12th – UCI World Cup, Segovia) .

I will keep you posted.



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9 Responses to Europe calling

  1. Hey Big Stu,

    Keep us updated – and good luck over there. You are going to have a blast.

    Remember, you can go a long way if you get down on your knees every now and then!


  2. jeanetteandbill says:

    Go Stu. This time I have worked out how to comment. Your Mum and Dad arrive tomorrow. Not raining. Going fishing. Give it your best. Jeanette and Bill

  3. crofty25 says:

    GO HARD TRIPPY!!!!!!!

  4. Just got an email from Stu. I thought I would put it up on the blog to keep people up to date, but it sounds like things are going well! He said:

    “Its now 6:50pm, we have been for a 1:40 spin around the lake,
    very low hr and now setting up for dinner, then bed at the normal time.

    its an amazing facility here, all new, all set up for doing the
    business of training.”

  5. jeanetteandbill says:

    Well done, terrific news. So pleased you are having a great time in Italy, Keep up the work. Go get them big fella! You can do it, surprise them, take them on the hill. Beautiful day today, perfect, were going fishing tomorrow but guess what weather changing tomorrow and too rough!

    Lots of Love, Mum, Dad, Jeanette and Bill.

  6. jeanetteandbill says:

    Hi Stu,

    Good luck for your first two races. Go Stu. Give them a real surprise!
    Jeanette and Bill

  7. Go Stu! Have fun, race well and enjoy the experience!
    Congrats on making to Denmark. Absolutely brilliant
    We are teaching Ella to barrack for you! Marianne, John and co

  8. jeanetteandbill says:

    Wow Stu that is great. We just heard from Sis that you came 4th in the Road Race and only a couple of minutes behind 1st. What an improvement. Really great. We don’t know whether you have done the time trial yet but good luck. Go Big Fella Go Get Them. You can do it. Jeanette and Bill

  9. Stu

    Fantastic result. We are all thrilled. All our love
    Marianne John and co

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